California Economy and Taxes

Tariffs and California Agriculture  April 16, 2018

We look at data on California's agricultural exports to China to gauge the potential significance of recent Chinese tariffs on U.S. agriculture. 

2017 May Revision: LAO Economic Outlook May 11, 2017

We discuss our new economic outlook, released as part of our response to the Governor's 2017 May Revision.

The Stock Market Downturn and California's Finances August 28, 2015

We answer some questions we receive about California's budget and the stock market downturn of recent days.

Chinese Currency Turmoil and California's Economy August 25, 2015

Turmoil in global currency markets may produce positive and negative effects for California's economy.

Port Issues, Strong Dollar Curbed Exports in Early 2015 June 10, 2015

This note discusses recent international trade statistics for California and the likely negative effect of the strong U.S. dollar and seaport congestion on California exports.

Limited Statewide Economic Impact of Drought April 14, 2015

This blog post responds to questions we receive regularly concerning the likely effect of the drought on the state's economy and tax revenues.

Sagging Global Economy May Affect California January 13, 2015

Over the past few months, some of our major international trading partners have seen their economic growth slow. We examine how the California economy may be affected.

California Exports Around the World December 6, 2014

International trade is important to California's economy. The state's key international trading partnerships are diverse, including countries in North America, Asia, and Europe.

California is the Leading Farm State December 4, 2014

Farms and ranches occupy a large portion of California's land area. The Central Valley is one of the world's leading agricultural regions.