California Economy and Taxes

Fiscal Outlook: Estimating Capital Gains Revenue November 14, 2018

We discuss our method for estimating capital gains revenue.

October 2018 State Tax Collections November 13, 2018

We discuss preliminary October 2018 state tax collections.

July 2018 State Tax Collections August 22, 2018

We discuss data on July 2018 state tax collections.

2017-18 State Tax Collections July 26, 2018

We discuss 2017-18 state tax collections.

April 2018 State Tax Collections May 18, 2018

We discuss April 2018 state tax collections.

January 2018 State Tax Collections February 13, 2018

We discuss preliminary data on January 2018 state tax collections.

December Major Taxes Far Above Projections January 3, 2018

We discuss preliminary data on December 2017 state tax collections.

Fiscal Outlook: Focus on Revenues November 15, 2017

We discuss the near-term and multiyear revenue estimates in our publication, The 2018-19 Budget: California's Fiscal Outlook.

Fiscal Outlook: Key Economic Assumptions November 15, 2017

We show the key economic assumptions underlying our new Fiscal Outlook for California.

Fiscal Outlook: Property Taxes Exceed Budget Expectations November 15, 2017

Our new Fiscal Outlook projects that school property taxes will be notably higher than assumed in the 2017-18 Budget Act.