Description: Total expenditures for the regional center system that provides services for persons with developmental disabilities more than doubled between 1999-00 and 2009-10, leading to a series of actions by the Legislature to slow down the growth in the program. In this report, we describe and assess proposals in the Governor’s 2011-12 budget plan to achieve further cost containment in programs administered by the Department of Developmental Services, including community services. We recommend approval of the Governor’s budget proposals to (1) extend the 4.25 percent provider payment reduction and the commensurate reduction to regional center (RC) operations, and (2) obtain additional federal funds for services provided through the developmental centers and the RCs. We also recommend the Legislature either expand the existing Family Cost Participation Program or implement means testing to determine who is eligible to receive these state services.These changes, we would acknowledge, represent a significant departure from the policies originally adopted in the Lanterman Act but would help ensure the long-term sustainability of the program for those consumers with the greatest financial need for its services.