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Hello, and welcome to the LAOEconTax blog.

This webpage is a new resource that our office developed to better inform the Legislature and California's public about our state's diverse, complex economy and the tax revenues that it generates. California's economy is one of the largest on earth, and it is fascinating for those of us who follow it everyday as part of our professional lives.

One of our jobs at the LAO is to help the Legislature and the public understand how the economy affects people, businesses, communities, policy, and California's budget. We will continue to discuss these topics in our traditional reports, testimony to legislative committees, videos, and other media. This blog, however, will be an extra resource for discussing timely, discrete topics, such as each month's personal income tax collections, the latest state jobs data, and economic data and research with particular relevance for Californians. Here at the LAO, we already follow these topics, and on this blog, we can share more of our analysis with the Legislature and the public.

There is always new data concerning the economy and tax revenues. As we share some of that data and associated research, we hope we can provide some helpful insights for California's policy makers and the public they serve.

This blog will be maintained primarily by the analysts of the LAO's State and Local Finance section. The best way to keep track of what we post is to follow us on Twitter: @LAOEconTax. (While you are on Twitter, you can also follow the main LAO Twitter feed for our office's analyses on other topics related to California policy and public budgets @LAO_CA.)

We welcome feedback, so contact us at any time. Each post will note the LAO analyst to contact.

Thank you.


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