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Initiative Analyses

A.G. File No. 2021-021 November 4
Voting in California.
This measure would establish new identification requirements for voters.
A.G. File No. 2021-020 November 3
California Public Utilities Commission and wildfires.
This measure amends the California Constitution to require the Legislature, within one year of passage of the measure, to pass new laws to reallocate or reassign California Public Utilities Commission functions and authorities to other state agencies. The measure also establishes a new state fund to assist victims of wildfires with their housing, food, and other basic needs.
A.G. File No. 2021-019 October 28
Child custody and juvenile dependency.
This measure authorizes individuals to seek jury trials in child custody hearings and juvenile dependency jurisdictional hearings.
A.G. File No. 2021-018 October 20
Emergency shutdown orders.
This measure amends the California Constitution in various ways related to certain types of emergency orders that restrict activities, which the measure defines as “shutdown orders.”
A.G. File No. 2021-017 October 20
Online sports wagering.
This measure authorizes online sports wagering in California outside of Indian lands and includes various provisions related to the regulation of such gaming (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2021-016 October 15
Local land use.
This measure would amend the California Constitution to specify that actions by a charter city or county related to zoning, development, or land use would be a local affair and prevail over conflicting state laws.
A.G. File No. 2021-015 October 15
Property tax assessment.
This measure amends the State Constitution to expand the special rules for inherited property and offset local government revenue losses from other recent property tax changes (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2021-014 October 15
Water supply.
This measure seeks to increase water supply in the state through the implementation of new water projects, to be paid for with 2 percent of existing annual General Fund revenues (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2021-013 October 14
Chronic dialysis clinics.
This measure adds new state rules concerning chronic dialysis clinics.
A.G. File No. 2021-012 October 13
Voting in California.
This measure gives voters the option to cast ballots over the internet.
A.G. File No. 2021-011 October 13
Funding for students attending private schools.
This measure establishes a program that would provide $13,000 in state funding for each K-12 student attending a participating private school (excluding homeschool). Any funds not used for private school tuition and fees could be saved and used for postsecondary education expenses, up to a limit of $60,000 per student. The program initially would be limited to students from families below certain income thresholds, but would be open to all students by the end of the five-year implementation period (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2021-010 October 12
Peace officer use of force.
This measure would enact a state law related to use of force training, criminal and civil liability for peace officers, body cameras, and officer misconduct reporting and investigations (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2021-009 October 1
California gaming activities.
This measure makes various changes to the California Constitution related to the types of gaming activities allowed in the state and the enforcement of state gaming laws (Amendment #1).
A.G. File No. 2021-008 September 28
Public sector unions and collective bargaining.
This measure would prohibit the state or any of its political subdivisions from establishing a contract with or otherwise collectively bargaining with a public employee organization (Amendment #2).
A.G. File No. 2021-007 September 27
The state's initiative, referendum, and recall processes.
This measure would require the Secretary of State to develop a system that allows voters to view initiative, referendum, and recall petitions on a statewide internet website and do either of the following: (1) electronically sign the petition (with necessary identifying information) via that website or (2) download, print, and sign a petition document in the "portable document format" (known as PDF).