A.G. File No. 2007-066

The Solar and Clean Energy Act of 2008 Version 1

November 29, 2007


This measure makes a number of changes regarding RPS and permitting for electricity infrastructure. In particular, it raises RPS targets for electricity providers, applies these requirements to municipal utilities, and gives the Energy Commission authority to enforce municipal utility compliance with the RPS. In addition, the measure expands the scope of RPS enforcement to include ESPs and CCAs, and increases the minimum length of contracts for renewable energy. The measure expands penalties for failure to meet RPS requirements, removes current caps on these penalties, and directs the use of these penalty revenues. The measure also grants authority for the Energy Commission to purchase, sell, or lease property to further achievement of the RPS requirements. In addition, the measure transfers certain electricity infrastructure permitting responsibilities from PUC and from local government to the Energy Commission. Finally, the measure shifts responsibility for market price determination from PUC to the Energy Commission and revises the process for cost recovery of above-market prices of renewable energy.