LAO 2004-05 Budget Analysis: Transportation Issue-By-Issue Analysis of the 2004-05 Budget Bill
Transportation Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposal and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

Funding for Transportation Programs

Governor Proposes $2 Billion in Transportation Aid to General Fund

Transportation to Provide a Large Portion of Proposed Mid-Year Cuts

Suspension of Proposition 42 Proposed for Budget Year

Transportation Funds Provide One-Time General Fund Aid

Governor's Proposals Reduce Already Limited Near-Term Funding

Expected Transportation Funding Has Dropped Precipitously

Reduced Funding Means Fewer New Projects, Project Delays

Governor's Proposals Further Reduce Available Funding

Near-Term Funding: Issues and Options for Legislative Consideration

Transportation Needs Stable Long-Term Funding

Long-Term Funding Outlook Is Limited and Uncertain

Uncertain Funding Delays Projects, Causes Waste

Transportation Funding Should Be Stabilized

Governor's Proposals Raise Additional Long-Term Funding Issues

Departmental Issues

California Transportation Commission (2600)

Elimination of TCRP Staffing Should Await Determination of Program Status

Excessive Staff Reduction Would Hinder Commission's Function

Department of Transportation (2660)

Highway Transportation

Accounting Inconsistencies Make Budget Comparisons Difficult

Essential Information Needed on Accounting Change Proposal

Capital Outlay Support Request Will Be Revised

Reduce COS Fluctuations for More Efficient Project Delivery

Program Impact of Reducing Contracts Unknown

Storm Water Management Staffing Inadequate

Pavement Maintenance: Protecting the State's Investment

Pavement Maintenance Spending: A Wise Investment in the Highway System

Limited Funding Has Reduced Pavement Maintenance Work

Caltrans Should Refocus Efforts on Highway System Maintenance

Project Delivery

Little Change in Caltrans and Local Project Delivery

Fewer Environmental Documents Completed, but Backlog Reduced

Project Delivery Affected by Funding Shortage

High-Speed Rail Authority (2665)

Budget Proposes to Cancel Bond Measure

Department of Motor Vehicles (2740)

Significant Reductions in Staffing; Wait Times at Record Levels

The Driver Licensing Program

Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Issuance of New Driver Licenses

Reducing Office Congestion and Costs Associated With In-Person Renewals