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MOU Analyses

After the Governor and union agree to a proposed MOU, the Department of Human Resources submits it to the Legislature for ratification. Since 2005, state law has required the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) to prepare a fiscal analysis of proposed MOUs. State law specifies that a proposed MOU shall not be subject to legislative determination until either the LAO has released its fiscal analysis or ten calendar days have elapsed since LAO received the agreement.

Use the dropdown menu below to view MOU analyses by bargaining unit and status.  MOU status options include:

  • Proposed: MOUs pending ratification.
  • Current: MOUs under which employees currently work. (Because the provisions of expired contracts generally continue in effect until new MOUs are ratified, this category can include expired contracts.)
  • Prior: MOUs that were ratified, but are no longer in effect.
  • Rejected: MOUs that never took effect.

Note: LAO fiscal analyses reflect the provisions of agreements at the time they were submitted to the Legislature. They generally do not reflect subsequent addenda to the MOUs.



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