January 2023

California State Library

Changes in California State Library General Fund Spending

Reflects Governor's Budget Proposals, 2023-24 (In Thousands)

Ongoing Changes
State Operations
     Witkin State Law Library (4 positions)a $462
     California History Room special collections (3 positions) 357
     State Library Audit Program (1 position) 168
     Technical adjustments 19
     Shift General Fund to the Central Service Cost Recovery Fundb -664
Local Assistance  
     Broadband costs $53
          Subtotal ($395)
One-Time Initiatives 
State Operations
     California History Room special collections (acquisitions) $240
Local Assistance  
     Carryoverc $506,030
     Disaster preparedness for cultural resourcesd 2,387
     Back out one-time 2022-23 spending -265,854
          Subtotal ($242,803)
Total $243,198
a Includes absorbing costs for two positions currently funded by the Law Library Special Fund.
b Action taken to ensure that the correct fund source is paying for central services.
c Reflects carryover from various appropriations originally made in 2021-22 (specifically, for the California Civil Liberties Public Education Act, outreach grants to ethnic media programs, the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, English as a Second Language Services, upgrading broadband equipment, and local library infrastructure grants).
d Represents third year of four-year funding plan initiated as part of the 2021-22 budget agreement.