January 2023

Proposition 98 Overview

2023-24 Changes in Proposition 98 Spending

(In Millions)

Revised 2022-23 Proposition 98 Spending $106,991
Technical Adjustments  
Remove 2022-23 one-time spending -$3,701
K-12 categorical programs (declining attendance)a -136
LCFF adjustments 82
Other adjustments -414
Subtotal (-$4,169)
Proposition 98 Reserve deposit $365
K-12 Education  
LCFF growth and COLA (8.13 percent) $4,117
LCFF backfill with unspent funds (one time)b -1,400
Transitional kindergarten expansionc 856
COLA for select categorical programs (8.13 percent)d 669
LCFF equity multiplier add-on 300
State Preschool for students with disabilities 64
Charter School Facility Grant Program (one time) 30
Access to opioid overdose reversal medication 4
K-12 High Speed Network 4
California College Guidance Initiative 4
CCEE adjustment for unspent prior-year funds (one time) -4
Preschool assessment tool 1
Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team 1
Update to guidance for integrating digital learning and standards e
Subtotal ($4,644)
California Community Colleges  
COLA for apportionments (8.13 percent) $653
Student enrollment and retention strategies (one time) 200
COLA for select categorical programs (8.13 percent)f 92
Enrollment growth (0.5 percent) 29
Facilities maintenance and instructional equipmentg (one time) 11
Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team h
Subtotal ($985)
Total Changes $1,825
2023-24 Proposition 98 Spending $108,816
a Applies to special education, child nutrition, and Child and Adult Care Food Program.
b Consists of $1.2 billion in 2021-22 funding and $199 million in reappropriated funds.
c Reflects additional LCFF costs associated with serving more students in transitional kindergarten, including costs of lower transitional kindergarten staffing ratios.
d Applies to the Foster Youth Program, American Indian Early Childhood Education, special education, State Preschool, child nutrition, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Charter School Facility Grant Program, American Indian Education Centers, and K-12 mandates block grant.
e Reflects $100,000.
f Applies to the Adult Education Program, apprenticeship programs, CalWORKs student services, campus child care support, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, and California community college mandates block grant.
g Budget also includes a $243 million reduction in 2022-23 and a $3 million increase in 2021-22 for this purpose.
h Reflects $275,000. Of this amount, $200,000 is ongoing and $75,000 is one-time.
COLA=Cost of Living Adjustment, LCFF=Local Control Funding Formula, CCEE=California Collaborative for Educational Excellence.