January 2023


Changes in California State University General Fund Spending

Ongoing and One-Time Funds (In Millions)

2022-23 Budget Act $5,855
Ongoing Spending  
Retiree health benefit cost adjustment -$16
Subtotal (-$16)
One-Time Initiativesa  
CSU Bakersfield Energy Innovation Center -$83
CSU San Diego Brawley Center -80
CSU San Bernardino Palm Desert Center -79
CSU University Farms -75
CSU Fullerton Engineering and Computer Science Innovation Hub -68
CSU San Luis Obispo Swanton Pacific Ranch -20
Subtotal (-$405)
Total -$421
2022-23 Revised Spending $5,434
Ongoing Spending  
Base augmentation (5 percent) $227
Retiree health benefit cost increase 37
Debt service for capital outlay projectsa 27
Pension cost increase 3
CENIC cost increaseb c
Subtotal ($294)
One-Time Initiatives  
Science and Technology Policy Fellows programd $10
Subtotal ($10)
Remove 2022-23 one-time funding -$384
Total -$81
2023-24 Proposed Spending $5,354
a The Governor proposes to rescind $405 million in one-time General Fund provided for six capital outlay projects in 2022-23 and instead provide funding for CSU to debt finance these projects using university bonds.
b The 2021-22 budget agreement included intent to provide these funds.
c Less than $500,000.
d The 2022-23 budget agreement included intent to provide these funds. 
CENIC = Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California.