January 2023

Community Colleges

Changes in California Community Colleges Proposition 98 Spending

Reflects Governor's Budget Proposals (In Millions)

2022-23 Budget Act $12,606
One-Time Initiatives  
Facilities maintenance and instructional equipment -$243a
   Subtotal (-$243)
Technical adjustments -$2
Total Changes  (-$245)
2022-23 Revised Spending $12,360
Ongoing Spending  
COLA for apportionments (8.13 percent) $653
COLA for select categorical programs (8.13 percent)b 92
Enrollment Growth (0.5 percent) 29
FCMAT new professional development program --c
   Subtotal ($774)
One-Time Initiatives  
Student enrollment and retention strategies $200
Facilities maintenance and instructional equipment 11a
FCMAT new professional development program --c
   Subtotal ($211)d
Remove 2022-23 one-time funding -$697
Other technical adjustments  -79
Total Changes $209
2023-24 Proposed Spending $12,569
a The administration proposes to reduce funding for this purpose by $243 million in 2022-23 but increase funding by $3 million in 2021-22, $11 million in 2023-24, and $16 million from reappropriated funds, for a net reduction of $213 million. Whereas the budget agreement last year provided a total of $841 million for this purpose, the adjusted total under the Governor's proposal is $628 million.
b Applies to the Adult Education Program, apprenticeship programs, CalWORKs student services, campus child care support, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, and mandates block grant.
c Consists of $200,000 in ongoing funds and $75,000 in one-time funds.
d The Governor also proposes to provide $14 million one time for forestry/fire protection workforce training using Proposition 98 reappropriated funds.
COLA = cost-of-living adjustment.
FCMAT = Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team.