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Cal Facts 2006

California's Economy and Budget in Perspective


California Ranks Among the World's Top Ten Economies

California's Economy Is Highly Diversified

Share of State Employment and Output in 2006

Construction Has Led Job Growth in the Current Expansion

Annual Average Percent Change in California Jobs 2003 Through 2006

Farm Production Has Risen Despite Declines in Acreage

Foreign Trade—An Important Source Of California Economic Activity

California Exports, 2005

Median Home Prices Reached All-Time High in California


State's Population Projections Lowered Due to Reduced Birth Rates

The Inland Counties Have Been Growing the Fastest

Total Population Growth, 2001 to 2006

California's Age Mix Changing As Baby Boomers Grow Older

Population Change2006 Through 2012 (Average Annual Percent Change)

Over One-Quarter of Californians Are Foreign Born



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