Legislative Analyst's Office, December 2000

California's Economy and
Budget in Perspective

2000 Cal Facts

Program Trends

Part 4

California's Crime Rate Is at a 35-Year Low

Rate Per 100,000 Population

Prison Inmate Population Growth Has Slowed

Annual Increase in the Population

Juvenile Arrests Decline as
Youth Population Increases

California's Crime Rate Is Lower
Than Most Large States

1999 Rates Per 100,000 Population

Crime Rates Vary Widely Among Large Counties

1998 Rates Per 100,000 Population

Environment Is Biggest Water User

(In Million Acre-Feeta)

State Failing Ozone Standard,
But Air Quality Is Improving

Threatened/Endangered Species Concentrated in Developed Areas

Development Takes 46,000 Acres of Agricultural Land Every Two Years. . .

But, Results in Annual Loss of Less Than 1 Percent of Agricultural Land

Timber Harvesting in State Reduced Significantly

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