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A.G. File No. 2015-110 January 8
Pre-litigation procedures for construction-related accessibility claims. (Amendment #1.)
Under this measure, a person or business would have 120 days after receiving a formal written notice to correct a construction-related accessibility claim before a lawsuit could be filed under state law.
A.G. File No. 2015-109 January 8
High-speed rail (Amendment #1).
This measure prevents the sale of Proposition 1A bond funds and significantly limits the authority of the High-Speed Rail Authority.
A.G. File No. 2015-108 January 4
Electronic voting in elections in California. (Amendment #1.)
This measure seeks to establish an information technology system—subject to requirements established by the measure—that would allow people to vote in California elections from any electronic device or computer.
A.G. File No. 2015-107 January 8
Redirect up to $10.7 billion in previously authorized general obligation bond authority to certain water-related projects and amend the constitution to prioritize certain uses of water (Amendment #1).
This measure amends the State Constitution to prioritize reasonable and beneficial public uses of water and redirects up to $10.7 billion in general obligation bond funds approved by the voters under Proposition 1 and Proposition 1A to certain water-related projects.
A.G. File No. 2015-106 December 29
1,000 percent sales tax on some political advertisements.
This measure states that a sales tax of 1,000 percent would be imposed on some political advertisements.
A.G. File No. 2015-105 December 23
California’s sick leave requirements and increases in California’s statewide minimum wage. (Amendment #1.)
This measure increases California’s statewide minimum wage every year, reaching $15 per hour by 2021. After 2021, it would increase the minimum wage each year based on a measure of inflation. It would also change the state’s paid sick leave requirements.
A.G. File No. 2015-104 December 23
Cultivation, use, possession, and sale of marijuana (Amendment #1).
This measure changes state law to legalize the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana.
A.G. File No. 2015-103 December 22
Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Amendment #1).
This measure changes state law to legalize the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana.
A.G. File No. 2015-102 December 18
Minimum amount of charity care nonprofit hospitals must provide.
This measure would require certain nonprofit hospitals to provide a minimum amount of charity care as defined by the measure to maintain their nonprofit and tax-exempt status, and gives the Attorney General authority to oversee and enforce the provisions of the measure.
A.G. File No. 2015-101 December 18
Place a limit on gross charges for patient care services or items set by certain private hospitals.
This measure places an upper limit on certain private hospitals’ gross charges for patient care services or items, requires these hospitals to file reports with state agencies, and imposes penalties for failure to comply with the measure’s provisions.
A.G. File No. 2015-100 December 18
Cap total compensation for executives and nonprofit hospitals.
This measure would impose a cap on compensation for executives at nonprofit hospitals, impose new data reporting requirements on nonprofit hospitals, impose new administrative responsibilities on the Attorney General, and give the Attorney General authority to oversee and enforce the provisions of this measure.
A.G. File No. 2015-099 December 18
Immigration. (Amendment #1)
This measure seeks to increase the extent to which state and local government agencies assist the federal government in enforcing immigration laws.
A.G. File No. 2015-098 December 16
Firearms and ammunition (Amendment #1).
This measure increases state regulation of firearms and ammunition.
A.G. File No. 2015-097 December 16
Disclosure of political campaign contributors.
Among other provisions, this measure would require certain political advertisements supporting or opposing candidates to include a disclosure statement identifying the names of ten specified campaign contributors.
A.G. File No. 2015-096 December 9
Death penalty.
This measure amends state law in an attempt to speed up the judicial review of death penalty cases. Specifically, it (1) shifts initial jurisdiction for habeas corpus petitions, (2) imposes time frames and limitations on direct appeal and habeas corpus proceedings, (3) changes the process for the appointment of counsel in direct appeals and habeas corpus petition proceedings, and (4) makes various other changes.